Sponsors and Mentors

Mr. Dan Tani

Mr. Dan Tani is an engineer and former NASA astronaut. He taught at ASIJ for two years and founded the Space Club, giving us students the chance to pursue our passion in space science.

Mr. Tim Gotterson

Mr. Tim Gotterson is a designer, teacher, and Head of Design at ASIJ. He is also our current sponsor, and supports the Space Club in its endeavors.

"I have been listening to amazing stories to do with space from students at ASIJ since 2016. I am continually impressed by the club's student leadership, motivation, and excitement about all things space-related. My daughter is a club member and is currently focused on exploring gravity."

Dr. Tatsuki Matsui

Dr. Tatsuki Matsui is a Physics and Mathematics professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, University of Maryland Global Campus, and Temple University Japan Campus. He has been devoting himself in educating science to the American and international students living in Japan. He earned a doctoral degree in theoretical Space Plasma Physics from University of Iowa and has worked as a researcher at Los Alamos national laboratory. He is currently an advisor of our telescope project.