2021 ASIJ Space Club Virtual Conference

Our Speakers:

We are so excited to have three confirmed speakers, all with fascinating stories of their professions as well as experiences in the space industry and exploration: Dr. Gina DiBraccio, Mr. Gary Calnan, and Dr. Ryuki Hyodo. RSVP here or below for the Zoom links!

Dr. Gina DiBraccio

Associate Lab Chief and a Research Astrophysicist in the Planetary Magnetospheres Laboratory of the Solar System Exploration Division at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Read more about her here!

Time & Date: February 14th, 10:00 AM JST, (February 13th, 20:00 EST)

Location: Zoom

Conference Recording

Dr. Ryuki Hyodo

Department of Solar System Sciences, ISAS, JAXA

Research Interests: Origin and evolution of planetary systems, planetesimals, rings/satellites, small bodies and science-driven planetary explorations

Mission Involvements: Cassini, Hayabusa2, BepiColombo, MMX

Time & Date: February 21, 14:00 JST

Location: Zoom

Conference Recording

Mr. Gary Calnan

Co-Founder and CEO at CisLunar Industries and Co-Founder at Astropreneurs.space

Time & Date: Mar 1, 11:00 AM JST

Location: Zoom

Conference Recording