ASIJ Space Club

The ASIJ Space Club fosters passion and curiosity in space science through the various projects we run, including our major event, the Space Club Conference.

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The club is student-run and requires no experience or expertise in space or astronomy—just an inquisitive mind and a desire to have fun. Our meetings range from building telescopes to keeping up with space news!

Leaders (from left to right):

  • Rito Tanaka ('19)
  • Won Kim ('21)
  • Sakiko Miyazaki ('20)
  • Everett Xu ('19)
  • Michio Sun ('21)

Teacher Advisor: Mr. Tim Gotterson

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Hall of Fame

Mr. Dan Tani

Mr. Dan Tani is a former science teacher and club supervisor, as well as an inspiration to us all. His passion towards space lives on through the club.